3. Their temperament is friendly, especially does or girls. A wether or neutered buck is docile, friendly
and loving. A Pygmy buck can be dangerous with horns, however, he may not run at you because you
are so much taller and bigger.

4. If you begin raising and breeding pygmy goats, you will always find someone to buy them for a pet
and the adult females make great backyard milkers.

5. Pygmy goats are big business-- and getting bigger.

What Should I Look For In a Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy Goat?

Age and Guy vs. Gal: Experts recommend either a doe (female) or a weather (castrated male) as a
horse or human buddy. Wethers tend to be friendlier and less aggressive than does, but are more
prone to bladder or kidney stones. Most experts caution against bucks. Adult or late-adolescent goats
are best for first-time buyers.

Goat Grub: Goats enjoy munching on brush, trees, and shrubs, but they'll also eat pasture grasses,
clovers, weeds, and herbs. Alfalfa is the best choice for baby pygmy goats. They'll need grain if you milk
them-- either 16 percent textured sheep and goat premix or 12 to 16 percent coarse horse grain.
Low Maintenance: You'll need to get their hooves trimmed at least four times a year. Debudding
(removing the horn buds) is usually recommended, but isn't a concern if you buy an pygmy goat. They
are very social creatures, and even though they have the company of your beloved equine, they'll
always appreciate some TLC from you.
Should I Buy a Pygmy Goat or Nigerian Dwarf?
Next: Why Should I Buy A Miniature Goat?
Pygmy goats make great pets because of their small size
and are inexpensive to buy. They eat less feed than most
livestock and are easy to handle and transport. Pygmy
goats were first imported into the United States about 1959
and were sold mainly to zoos for large amounts
of money. They are now raised mainly as pets and are
much cheaper. The milk producing Nigerian dwarf was
brought in small numbers and was still considered "rare" in
the 1980's by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

If you've never had a goat before, but are thinking of
getting one, I would recommend trying a Nigerian dwarf or
a pygmy goat because they make great pets. Here is a
longer list of reasons to have them:

1. Its size -- It won't eat much in comparison to a big goat
and doesn't need a high fenced pen. A Pygmy isn't tall
enough to jump on top of cars (most cars, that is) like a big

2. Nigerian dwarfs and pygmy goats normally do not jump
up on young children.
This is a common question I am asked by those looking to buy a miniature goat. You can ask yourself
what you will want to do with your goat? Both Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy goats make excellent pets and
nature and docile temperament. They are small and easy to transport, fit into a dog crate and need little
space. Following the birth of kids, Nigerian dwarf goats produce high quality milk with a butterfat content
of more than 6%. They are great, gentle, loving pets for any age from children to senior citizen. Because
of their small stature, pygmy goats do not eat much and can be secured in a short fence. They rarely
jump up on people and are so sweet because they will want to please you and they're fun to watch.
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