animal for your lonely horse, a wholesome hobby for your
children, milk and milk products for your family, or some
therapy for your overall well-being, perhaps a pair or a
small herd of miniature goats would be a perfect solution.  
If so, do a little research, find a breeder you like, provide a
sturdy fenced enclosure, and get ready to enjoy these
good-natured, gregarious and purposeful additions to
country or urban living.
Child holding a pygmy goat
Goats and Children Go Together
Pygmy goats and children seem to attract each
other and these small goats are perfect for 4-H
projects and FFA projects. They are great
educational tools in learning responsibility and
animal husbandry on a small scale. Kids can
also learn about nature animal management,
reproduction, livestock purpose and the joys
and sorrows of raising animals.

With home-schooling pygmy goats are
becoming more common, because they fit well
into the learning environment as versatile
contributors to learning about sustainable
country living. They are the perfect height for
kids to handle without feeling intimidated.
Older adults as well find these goats easy to
work with and maintain. For most people,
raising Nigerian dwarf goats or pygmy goats is
a relaxing hobby and you can find a mental
peace working among these gentle creatures.
Child snuggling with a pygmy goat
Cruz Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy Goats