What animal has a beard like an old man, eats weeds
like candy, thinks a pile of rocks is a playground, and
is smaller than a collie dog? A pygmy goat!
Pygmy Goats Make Great Pets While
Producing Milk For Your Family
So gentle even an infant can milk them.
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Nigerian dwarf goats playing on a trampoline
Male pygmy goats may seem to battle
aggressively, but rarely get injured. This is
good practice for scaring off future predators.
Lacking another male goat to fight, the billy
may find a cow or sheep to battle. Any young
trees in the area will also fall victim to the
growing horns of the billy as he tears off the
bark while sharpening and rubbing his horns.
This is why all breeders recommend that bucks
be neutered if they are sold as pets. The
neutered pygmy goat is called a wether, and
they are as docile as females and make great
pets. Yet, an intact male will protect your heard
from dogs or wild creatures. When kids are
young they drink milk from their mother's udder
and as they grow the foods mother likes, such
as alfalfa, weeds and grass becomes more
interesting. Kids can be weaned about 8 weeks
old and the milk can be used to feed your
While nannies also grow horns, they tend to
be shorter and are only used to establish a
pecking order at the feed trough or to
protect their young. Young goats, or kids,
are born about 151 days after conception.
Usually a single kid or twins are born, but
triplets are not unheard of. The kids are born
fully covered with hair and are able to walk
after a few shaky minutes.
Female goats, called nannies or does, are more docile,
friendly and love their group mates. Often the smaller
kids will jump on the mother's back for a fun ride as the
nanny eats her dinner.
Baby pygmy goat flying in the pasture
pygmy goat gets a ride on its mother's back
Younger pygmy goats will have mock battles where they
rise up on their back legs and then come crashing down to
butt heads. Most of the time they just barely touch, but this
practice leads to real battles when billies or male goats get
older. As the young billies' horns grow longer, they will fight
for dominance over the herd.
Within hours they are full of energy and
race around the pasture, skipping and
jumping as momma grazes nearby.
Following weaning, you get the milk for your
While the nanny is producing milk, you can milk the
goat for its highly desirable goat milk. Your family will
love it.
Pygmy goats and Nigerian dwarf goats are similar but
they do differ in some characteristics. Pygmy goats
are mostly bred as meat animals and Nigerian dwarf
goats are bred for their milk production. Pygmy goats
are also very popular pets especially in rural areas.
They may be small, but they have big appetites for
weeds and brush and are fun to watch.
Both breeds are curious and will scamper over just
about anything left in a pen area. A wheel barrow, a
hay wagon, a fallen tree, a pile of rocks or your child's
trampoline is all they need to have countless hours of
Toddler Playing With A Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Kids Love Nigerian Dwarf & Pygmy Goats